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OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma City police officer was charged Friday with 16 counts including first-degree rape and sexual battery after being accused of assaulting at least eight women while on patrol.

Daniel Holtzclaw, 27, also faces charges of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure. Holtzclaw, a former standout football player in high school and college, was arrested Aug. 21. He remained in custody on a $5 million cash bond Friday, according to jail records.

He is accused of stopping women, who were all black and between the ages of 34 and 58, while on duty in Oklahoma City. Prosecutors allege that he raped two women and either fondled others or forced them to expose themselves, and police said there may be more victims.


Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw GoFundMe

Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw Facebook

"Former standout football player in high school and college"

"He only assaulted older Black women"

*39 people raise over $7,000 to defend him*

Alternatively titled: how we discuss and treat white male criminals (rapists) in the United States

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Reasons why I’m excited for “Dear White People:”

  • Black actors portraying 3-dimensional characters
  • Honest social commentary
  • Targeted to the college age demographic
  • Thorough exploration of the various forms of racism in America
  • Tessa Thompson’s voice and Tyler William’s afro wig

Reasons why I’m not excited for “Dear White People:”

  • White people calling it racist
  • Mainstream media agreeing with the white people calling it racist

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sleepy boys are the best because they have cute messed up hair and squishy tired cheeks and little droopy eyes and are at their most vulnerable making it easier to kill them

I like this post

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  • Question: How do you make a sexual individual understand what asexuality is? People keep dismissing my sexual orientation believing is just a myth. It's unbelievably annoying and disrespectful to me because they keep assuming they know me better than I know myself. Any suggestions? - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Hello Anon,

    It’s frustrating that people don’t accept that asexuality is real. It may help you to have some links and evidence to hand that will explain asexuality and prove it’s real. I posted these starting points in another answer, but I’ll repost them here because they’re useful when explaining or defending asexuality:

    It sucks, but oftentimes sources like this can be more persuasive than individual accounts. If people continue to dismiss your asexuality, tell them that they’re being hurtful, disrespectful, and wilfully ignorant in the face of your experience and overwhelming evidence that asexuality exists. 

    Best of luck; let me know if I can help out it any other way.

    – Sebastian.

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when I say “everything is better with lesbians” I don’t mean grossly over sexualized lesbians who just do the nasty all the time to please straight men I mean cute girls having adventures together and falling in love and giving cute kisses and having cute cuddle sessions or badass girls having adventures and kicking bad guy ass and falling in love with each other

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TV Tropes // Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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what is white culture

clapping after an airplane lands

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This is my 14 yr old son who was brutually tortured By 2 Tully town officers he was handcuff but they say he resisted arrest that yall tazzed him in his face …not only that they took him to lower bucks hospital with out his mother consent they broke his nose n both eyes were swollen shut these prejudice cops need a rude awakening any one know anyone that can help my son please help they took him to the police station n told me I could not come up there but as a mother who loves her child I did Go to the station they would not let me n at all they talked to me through the door I didn’t see my son for tree days n the cops says o he’s fine we ordered him pizza really? Any one who can help me get justice please comment I’m torn mad angry just can’t deal # HELP

everybody reblog this!! we gotta this on the news or something!! If you know someone or you think you know someone who cant help, please try to get the word out!! Police Brutality must be Stopped

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